Net L’earnings going up and above

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Net L’earnings going up and above

We’ve just launched a very exciting project for one of our clients in the service and transportation business.

To help our client increase employees understanding of the value of being regarded as number one in customer centricity Net L’earnings were asked to create a number of film sequences to illustrate the customers’ perspective and highlight situations where customer satisfaction can go skyrocket or rock bottom depending on how the situations are handled.

The film sequences included a number of interviews with actual clients. It turned out our the clients were already extremely happy and based on the sequences recorded we created a commercial video to illustrate the heart and soul of this fast growing business and their unique employees.

As part of the commercial we recorded sequences with an octocopter which is a helicopter with 8 rotors, enought strength to carry a 5 kilo camera and create stunning action videos and magnificent flowing scenes.

The result was a highly engaging video that brings tears to ones eyes.
We’re proud just to be working with this fantastic company.

It’s currently running on the large scale display wall at Stockholm’s largest square “Medborgarplatsen”.